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Principle Osteopath/Clinic Director

Rebecca Dighton (formerly known as Rebecca Morley), graduated from the European School of Osteopathy with a 1st Class Masters Degree in Osteopathy, June 2014.  Rebecca has been practicing for the last 9 years, with a history in massage, making her an expert in realigning the body. She treats people using a structural approach however, she also has the skills to apply a wide variety of techniques to accompany her treatment; including Dry Needling (Western acupuncture), Cranial therapy, Interferential therapy, Ultrasound therapy and Kinesiotaping to name a few.

Rebecca enjoys treating patients of all ages, shapes and sizes, as well as specialising in:


Sports Injuries:

Rebecca has built a busy patient list treating a wide variety of athletes in many different practices, from professional Power lifting and Strong man, to Karate, Squash and Tennis.

Dry Needling:

Rebecca has the expertise to practice in the specialised art of Dry Needling. Incorporated in her structural osteopathic treatments (if suitable), Dry Needling can be used to help speed up recovery and help with pain relief. It can be great for instant muscle relaxation.

Cranial Therapy:

New borns and infant childrenHaving a great deal of experience with newborn babies and infant children. She finds using cranial osteopathy can often help (with great success) a wide variety of conditions leading to restlessness and distress in the young.


Headache & Migraine Sufferers: This technique is also useful for headache and migraine sufferers of all ages, as well as a variety of different types of headaches.

Ehlers- Dunlos Syndrome (EDS):

Rebecca treats people living with the debilitating condition EDS. Although the condition can not be cured, Rebecca has found a number of techniques that assist in easing some of the symptoms. She is currently in the process of learning the Muldowney Technique.

No matter your age, Rebecca will be able to help. 



Associate Osteopath (Aylesford)

Erin Greenstreet graduated with a Bachelors in Osteopathic Medicine from NESCOT, June 2020. Erin has experience in treating a wide range of injuries and conditions including sports injuries


Erin has a background of several years in dance and horse riding, and was first interested in osteopathy after receiving osteopathic treatment following a horse-riding accident. The unfortunate incident left her unable to walk correctly for several weeks, but became interested in how osteopathy worked after the treatments made her feel much better.

Erin combines Structural Osteopathy with Medical Acupuncture, Kinesiotaping, bespoke Exercise/Stretching Programs and Clinical Advice, to bring her patients relief and promote a lasting recovery. Erin treats a wide variety of patients of all ages and splits her clinics between Work/Sports/Postural-related issues, from headache to toe pain, not just back pain!



Associate Osteopath (Aylesford)

Claire Boulden graduated from the University College of Osteopathy and is currently studying towards a postgraduate certificate in Animal Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Animals.

Claire has experience in treating a wide range of injuries and conditions. During her undergraduate course she worked with patients up at the Royal Free Hospital in London, which has helped to perfect her palpation skills along the way. During her time there, she worked as part of the NHS team supporting patients, many of whom were experiencing chronic pain. 

Claire enjoys working with patients of all ages and is passionate about promoting physical and mental wellbeing. She uses structural techniques and is also qualified in acupuncture and dry needling. 

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